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May 2, 2009

Lost: 5.13 “Some Like It Hoth” – Quick Thoughts

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My schedule was such that I didn’t get the chance to review this episode, however I did enjoy it. “Some Like It Hoth” reminded me, somewhat, of Season 3’s “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”, in that it melded heart-felt moments with the funny. It also seemed a bit filler, although the Miles back-story was definitely a necessary component of this incredible season 5 arc.

Best scene: has to be the van ride with ‘match-maker’ Hurley, Miles and Dr. Chang.

Rating: 8/10

April 15, 2009

Lost 5.12 – “Dead Is Dead” Review

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I didn’t really have time for an extensive review, so consider this my initial thoughts from 5.12 “Dead Is Dead” *promise to self: once the season is over I’ll come back and post more thoughts on all of the season 5 episodes*

  • Really glad they showed us how Ben came to have Alex — I always knew that he rescued the child, as opposed to just taking her. The additional reveal that it was Widmore’s personal order to kill Danielle (and Alex) gave further credence to the idea that Ben is one of the shows heroes. I enjoyed seeing younger Ben stand up to Widmore’s demand to kill Alex. I am intrigued by Widmore’s later claim that the island did want Alex dead. If that’s the case then this further muddies the Island’s character — although there are perhaps many things we still do not know about life and death in relation to the ‘bigger picture’. Still, this was some nice vindication for Ben fans!


April 2, 2009

Lost 5.11 “Whatever Happened, Happened” – Review

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I wont have time to post a full review until the weekend, at best, so here are my initial thoughts from watching the rather excellent 5.11 “Whatever Happened, Happened”.

  • Great episode title — I thought for sure we would see Faraday, since it’s lifted from his deterministic remark earlier in the season.
  • Jin is just acting weird these days. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but they’re not quite servicing his character right now.
  • Jack is a jerk. I’m putting him on the same list as Sayid after he refused to help Ben. It’s not even like he was on bad terms with Ben prior to landing on the island — they were allies, and Ben is the reason he managed to get back to the island. He may not be busy trying to control things like before, but he’s still as ignorant and ungrateful as ever.


March 27, 2009

Lost 5.10 “He’s Our You” – Review

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There is no doubt in my mind that “He’s Our You” is one of the best episodes of “Lost” that I have seen since the season 4 finale. It was an introspective voyage into the cyclical journey of Sayid Jarrah, intertwined with wider perspective on his antagonist Ben Linus, the Dharma Initiative, the “Hostiles”, and of course, the very nature of fate and freewill.

"We're The Good Guys"

Change is a major theme of this episode, we are reminded of the change that young Ben underwent during his rise as leader of the “Others” — He went from an abused Harry Potteresque child, to the man that we see today — a man of knowledge, sacrifice, ruthlessness and compassion — A man hated by the Losties for much of this journey. It’s hard not to think that 1977 Sayid didn’t play a part in Ben’s future direction. We are also reminded of the change in Sawyer (sorry, “LaFleur”). Gone are the days when he embraced the life of savagery = “We’re in the wild!”, he’s now a man of responsibility, of love..a man who bucks against the trend of his Dharma buddies to bring civility to the truce – “since when did we start acting like them!?”. (although I wasn’t impressed by the raising of his hand for the vote to execute Sayid). But for Sayid, change has never come easy, and when it has come, it’s rarely lasted for very long. Whether it’s through fault of his own, or the fickle nature of the Universe, Sayid has always lived in a cyclical existence of love and death. It follows his around like a bad smell. Nadia, Shannon, Nadia again, Elsa – all gone, all dead. No matter what he does, Sayid can’t seem to change himself or his circumstances. He is capable of love, but he can never hold on to any happy existence; whether it’s the woman of his dreams, or doing some redemption building work in the Dominican Republic.


March 20, 2009

LOST 5.09 “Namaste” – Review

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There are just my general thoughts from Lost episode 1.09 “Namaste”:


We’ve been here before

I love it when they show us the same scenes playing out from different perspectives, it marries well with the cyclical nature of the show. A show that is becoming more and more like my “spiral theory” the further we go through the looking glass.

The flash¬† seen from this perspective was definitely different from the one Jack, Kate and Hurley (and Sayid) experienced, no doubt signifying the different era’s that each group flashed to — Jack’s crew 1977 and Ben’s crew 2007 (so even they still flashed back two years from 2009). But why didn’t Sun flash back to 1977? Could it be because she gave birth on the island, or is the Universe remedying a possible paradox?¬† Hmm..


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