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March 20, 2009

LOST 5.09 “Namaste” – Review

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There are just my general thoughts from Lost episode 1.09 “Namaste”:


We’ve been here before

I love it when they show us the same scenes playing out from different perspectives, it marries well with the cyclical nature of the show. A show that is becoming more and more like my “spiral theory” the further we go through the looking glass.

The flash  seen from this perspective was definitely different from the one Jack, Kate and Hurley (and Sayid) experienced, no doubt signifying the different era’s that each group flashed to — Jack’s crew 1977 and Ben’s crew 2007 (so even they still flashed back two years from 2009). But why didn’t Sun flash back to 1977? Could it be because she gave birth on the island, or is the Universe remedying a possible paradox?  Hmm..

Frank is one helluva pilot. landing that thing without losing any lives (except his poor co-pilot). Then again, what kind of pilot did I think he was? Great to have the “run-way” confirmed (again). Good looking out, Ben!

Caesar and Ilana may be plants, but they don’t appear to have been sent by the same person..or at least, they’re not aware that they have been sent by the same person. I would put their existence down to coincidence – unwitting passengers on-board the flight of destiny, except for the fact that Caesar was definitely looking for something inside the Hydra facility at the beginning of “The Life And Death of Jeremy Bentham”.


Old faces, Old times, Same Old “Craphole”!

Kate sure caught the sun. She was as pale as a sheet on-board Ajira, I guess she the hot flash gave her a hot-flush..or was that from seeing Sawyer again?

Loved hearing Sawyer call the barracks “Dharmaville”. It’s not quite up there with “Othersville”, but it beats out “New-Otherton”!

Witnessing Sawyer coming up with the plan to integrate the Island Returners gives me the impression that he’s the thinking man’s Jack. He really is.


Baggy Sweatshirt

So glad Sawyer had one of those or Hugo would have been so screwed.

I was still unsure about the Sawyer/Juliet relationship last time round in “La Fleur”. I liked it, but with ‘freckles’ and ’see no evil’ back on craphole, I was worried that it would be a short-lived relationship (even though technically, it’s been 3 years for them!). But I was pleased with the direction they took in this episode — rather than being over the moon about the other half of the square’s return, they were just worried about them screwing up the good thing they had going with the D.I. And why not? Sawyer’s doing great, he’s actually somebody on the island — a man of power, a man of thought, a man of compassion, and a man of love. And Juliet, well she’s just delivered her first baby in, like, 36 somethin’ years, so whilst this place is death to some, it’s a whole new lease of life for the island’s hottest couple. In other words, 3 years is more than enough to get over someone who never really had your back in the first place!



I’ve heard so much about you, I’ve seen your mural, your blast doors, your Swan Station, oh, and your brain stain, but it’s so good to see you in the flesh, Mr. Radzinsky!

Now that’s over with, I must say, I like him! I thought they were going to spring a surprise on us and have him turn out to be Faraday or some madness like that. I do wonder though, with him being such an irritant, did he really blow his own brains out, or did Kelvin do himself a favour? ;)

So, we have an approximate date on the Swan Station (and we know that Raddy designed it) — still in blueprint stage by the time the O6′ers returned to the island in 1977, it was probably built a couple of years after that? Can’t wait to see “the incident”, by the way.

Also, when did he get transferred from ‘Flame’ duty to ‘Swan’ duty? Maybe he got a demotion.

Just to clear this up — Radzinsky detected no sign of the Ajira plane crashing on or near the island because they’re in a different time from the likes of Ben, Sun, Caesar, Ilana and Frank. I didn’t give this much thought whilst watching the episode, but I want to make a note of this as it puts into context just how separated, yet near our star crossed lovers of Sun and Jin truly are. It’s quite torturous to think that they are a whisper away from each other in their hearts and minds, but decades apart. It will be interesting to see how this time-disparity is adjusted (if it ever is). I’ll just make a random guess and say it involves Faraday, the Frozen Donkey Wheel or the Incident. heck, why not all three!


Suspicious Minds

Caesar’s suspicious of Frank, Sun’s suspicious of Ben, Ben’s suspicious of Frank, but unfortunately he doesn’t see Sun’s paddle coming – d’oh! I have to say, I detest Sun. Like, really. She is almost as hateful as Kate. Her “I lied” was well delivered, but before you go pinching lines from Ben (aka, the master),  try showing the man some respect. It makes no sense to me that she’s hold Ben accountable for Jin’s death..oh, wait, Jin’s alive?..and why are you able to know that Sun?..why are you back on the island? Because of Ben! That’s right, knock him out, the only guy who actually has a clue as what to do next.

Oh. and by the way Frank - “stick together, and hunker down” is  a valiant effort, but it doesn’t have the goosebumple gravitas of “live together, die alone” ;)

OMFG, it’s Ethan Jnr..snr..jnr-snr!..

I have to say, that was a nice reveal. Ethan was on my list of possibilities, but I had made up my mind that it was Desmond. It’s not that surprising in truth, but it’s still crazy to think that Juliet helped bring Ethan into the world. I think she threw-up in her mouth a little bit when Amy told her the name. :D Speaking of ‘Jules’, I wonder what happens to her..she has to leave the island before her future counterpart arrives in the late 90’s. Maybe she and some of our time-travelling Losties get caught up in the ole purge?  It just makes me appreciate the idea, that in all of this interchanging of possibilities, the island is our one constant. The island and Alpert, of course.

Do I detect a Juliet/Sawyer baby in the works? “The time has got to be right”. What better time, Jules..what better time? That said, if they do have a kid, it could end up being someone that we already know..heck, it could end up being Sawyer himself. *Scoops brain up from floor*

So what are we supposed to do now?

“I’m not sure yet”.

Clearly Jack is not a man of great initiative (get it?). That’s right, Jack, just stand there and tap the watch your daddy gave you.

I have to wonder though, either fate has their back somewhat, or luck is on their side — with another batch of recruits not due in for another 6 months and a couple deciding not to travel on the incoming sub, it’s a good thing that they arrived when (and where) they did!


Shut up and pretend you don’t know me (P.S. it’s great to see ya!)

Motion detectors, huh? At least now we know how Mikhail knew in advance that Locke, Kate, Sayid (and Rousseau) were approaching the Flame station back in “Enter 77″. Great moment though, seeing Jin and Sayid almost, nearly, oh so nearly re-acqaint themselves before Radzinsky spoilt the party. Important in this scene is the confirmation that Sayid also flashed onto the main island with (well, not quite “with”) Jack, Kate and Hurley..and more importantly, that he flashed back to the same year as they did. What must the D.I. make of his snazzy purple shirt, I wonder?

With all these time-travelling Losties, this fragile “truce” that the D.I. and the “Hostiles” have wont last very long, that’s for sure. It’s weird to think that our Losties could end up being the very thing which triggers the purge – “Whatever happened, happened”, right? I mean, there’s no doubt that their presence back in the Dharma-dayz will influence events — which in turn gives us stunningly new perspective on the modern-day conflict which they had with the “Neo-Hostiles” (aka “the Others”). As I’ve always said, Ben is one of the good guys, I see no reason to break with that viewpoint after what I have seen this season. Sure, it could still go the other way, but I doubt it.


You do realise those dudes get wiped out right?

Thank you Hugo! It seems that Sawyer and the other former-Losties are all too aware of this fact though — Faraday being the principle advocate of the “what happened..happened” mentality. I always did say that guy was a pessimist.

I bet Jack was glad to know that his name was being put on the D.I. recruit list. I guess this kinda makes up for not being on Jacob’s list, right, Shepherd? Oh, and “workman”! I couldn’t have scripted it better myself. How the times are a-changin’, and the roles are a reversin’!


Why are you leaving?

He’s leaving, Sun, because Ben is a man who’s fate is secured — at least in this time (2007). It makes sense that he didn’t get shuttled back to the D.I. heyday, as surely that would cause a paradox..or Casimir Effect..or something. Either way, it looks like Ben is still on a mission, and I’m sure that had he not been whacked out by Sun, his first port of call would have been to go see Richard, or Jacob.

I love how Ben deals with Frank — first he speaks volumes without even uttering a word, and then he reminds Frank that  the mercs killed many innocents — far from having a “sole mission” of just capturing Ben, huh Lapidus. *Michael Emerson is simply fantastic by the way* Too bad Sun can’t be trusted. Different time, but some things..don’t change.



Great to see he of many candle-orientated names again! He’s a cantankerous man, but he managed to present a pleasant veil to Jack. Love how he accused the “other side” for their admin error that never was. Looks like he should be keeping a closer eye on his own people *cough* LaFleur *cough*.

Jack’s face as Pierre heralded LaFleur’s “tight operation” was very revealing — though both Jack and Sawyer respect one another, there’s clearly still a great rivalry between them. Dare I say Jack is jealous that Sawyer’s managed to make a life for himself (and Jules) on the island? I bet he’s wondering just where this ‘big crisis’ is –  dude probably envisaged the island burning to a cinder as Jules, Sawyer and the rest of the tragic island residents cried out for his help. ;)

Could Kate look anymore suspicious? Sheesh, good thing Juliet was there to save her ass..with a courtesy ’smile’, of course.


So, the “Hostiles”/”Others” didn’t know about the Swan afterall?

Radzinsky’s concern over Sayid possibly glimpsing the model of the Swan station and the location of where they were building it, implies that it was being built in D.I. secrecy; without the “hostiles” knowledge or planning permission. I guess it’s on of the advantages of this “line” business — the other side can’t see what’s going on over on the other side. This gives new context to Ben’s 2004 venture in the the said station, and his mocking of it’s importance. Then again, surely young Ben knew about the Swan, so perhaps the “Hostiles/Others” did know about it through him? OK, my reasoning is clear now – That would also make sense that they did know about the Swan (prior to Ben’s capture in “One of Them”, because they knew that Desmond was down there, as they had CCTV footage of the Swan from the ‘Pearl Station’.

Interesting also to note Radzinsky’s “quick draw” execution style mentality. Goes to show that the D.I. were far from peace-loving hippies. Ironic that it should be LaFleur, the same man who has executed grandpas with rusty chains, who elects for the peaceful resolution. Not that he was ever going to murder his old pal Sayid, mind.

I enjoyed Sawyer’s mock interrogation, but more interesting was hearing the “terms of the truce”, and the rather ironic statement from Sayid  regarding the fact that “the Others” do not see themselves “hostiles”. I guess this is as much an admission of regret (over the way that he handled his future encounters with “the Others”) as we’re going to get. As a member of the ‘Ben Foundation’, I accept your apology on their behalf, Sayid.

Probably just an animal

No Sun, it’s Smokey. Don’t go down the Jack route of “the island didn’t move” style denial.

It’s still weird to think that Sun and Frank are occupying the same space in a different time from the rest of their pals.

Good to see that Christian Shepherd and his ghostie pals have upgraded from Jacob’s cabin to Dharmaville. I’m still dubious about which side he represents. Somehow, I don’t think it’s Jacob. Somehow, I don’t think he has every-one’s best interests at heart. It’s like he’s watching a game unfold, a game where he knows the probable outcome, and he’s just pushing the pieces into the right positions and down the right paths (“right” being a relative term). I guess that’s what they call “fate”. Hmph. We need a bit of freewill up in this joint.


Oh, Hugo. *rolls eyes*

Meanwhile, we have a “code14J” coming through. That causes a few guilty looks from those Losties lucky enough to end up in the right place at the right time.

Yes, Jack, James is tappin’ that

To be fair, Jack masked his jealous rage very well. This scene was one of the best of the entire season — it really brought home the changing roles in changing times. Sawyer gave Jack a lesson in psychology that only Locke and Ben have previously managed to do. Although somewhat conveniently, he distanced himself from Jack’s ‘battle with the Others’. Yeah, because you had no beef with them did ya, James? From what I can remember, “LaFleur” hated Locke and Ben’s guts (and their love for the island) nearly as much as Jack did. Sawyer may be a “thinking man” now, but his plans were pretty “piss-poor” back in the day. Or should that be, forward in the day? Needless to say that Sawyer enjoyed this latest game of “let’s get a ruler” between himself and Jack.

Sawyer compared himself to Winston Churchill, whilst he compared Jack to..erm..Jack – a guy who reacts, who goes in without a plan (like getting on-board Ajira without asking any questions first, lol!)..a character trait highlighted by Locke way back in season 1, when Claire got kidnapped by little baby Ethan (lol). Not much changes, huh, Jack — right back were you started. This very visual time-travel arc says so much about the metaphor of “Lost”, and it’s cyclical journey through freewill and fate, fate and freewill, freewill and fate..

To be fair to Jack, he didn’t react to Sawyer’s taunts, it was obviously killing him inside to have to listen to Sawyer crush his ego like a tree frog. But I get the sense that 1977 Jack has something that he didn’t have ‘the last time around’ — he’s now somewhat of a believer..not only in the island, but in his own role in it’s future. Like with any faith, a bit of assurance can get you a long way.


Lil’ Ben

This has to be the best moment of the episode — as a Ben fan from the very beginning, it was amazing to see his relationship with Sayid come full-circle like this. Sure, we all assumed that Ben HAD to have been on the island around about the time that the O6 returned, but to see his ‘introduction’ play out in the brief, yet rewarding way that it did, was simply amazing. What must have been going through Sayid’s head when he realised that this young, unassuming geek would grow up to become the leader of the Others and long-time antagonist, sometime ally, Benjamin Linus?

It’s moments like this when I’m reminded why “Lost” is quite simply the best, most layered, most rewarding, most delectable show on television.

Next week? I can’t wait!

Namaste..and good luck. ;)

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