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March 20, 2009

LOST 5.09 “Namaste” – Review

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There are just my general thoughts from Lost episode 1.09 “Namaste”:


We’ve been here before

I love it when they show us the same scenes playing out from different perspectives, it marries well with the cyclical nature of the show. A show that is becoming more and more like my “spiral theory” the further we go through the looking glass.

The flash¬† seen from this perspective was definitely different from the one Jack, Kate and Hurley (and Sayid) experienced, no doubt signifying the different era’s that each group flashed to — Jack’s crew 1977 and Ben’s crew 2007 (so even they still flashed back two years from 2009). But why didn’t Sun flash back to 1977? Could it be because she gave birth on the island, or is the Universe remedying a possible paradox?¬† Hmm..


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