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April 15, 2009

Lost 5.12 – “Dead Is Dead” Review

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I didn’t really have time for an extensive review, so consider this my initial thoughts from 5.12 “Dead Is Dead” *promise to self: once the season is over I’ll come back and post more thoughts on all of the season 5 episodes*

  • Really glad they showed us how Ben came to have Alex — I always knew that he rescued the child, as opposed to just taking her. The additional reveal that it was Widmore’s personal order to kill Danielle (and Alex) gave further credence to the idea that Ben is one of the shows heroes. I enjoyed seeing younger Ben stand up to Widmore’s demand to kill Alex. I am intrigued by Widmore’s later claim that the island did want Alex dead. If that’s the case then this further muddies the Island’s character — although there are perhaps many things we still do not know about life and death in relation to the ‘bigger picture’. Still, this was some nice vindication for Ben fans!


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